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LM/R/SC 703

LM/R/SC 703

Special winter tread formula for good low temperature slip resistance and grabbing properties

●Special formula,lower vitrification temperature and suitable tread hardness, offers good low temperature slip resistance and grabbing property

●Optimized profile design evenly distributes tire ground pressure and effectively prevents irregular wear

●Highway pattern,suitable for highway and ice snow covered pavement

Wheel Positions



Product Technical Parameters

Tire specificationPlyLoad Index速度級別Load(kg)Air Pressure(kpa)速度級別代號Measured rims適用輪輞New tire tread depth(mm)Driving surface width(mm)New tire designed size(mm)
Single TireDouble TireSingle TireDouble Tire斷面寬度Outer diameter
315/70R22.518154/15037503350 900900J9.009.75152553121020

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