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LM/R/SC 579F

LM/R/SC 579F

Shoulder Pattern Closure Improves Bias Wear Performance

Driving distance:Short distance、Medium and long distance、Long distance

Loading type:Constant load

Road type:highway,normal road, urban and rural highway

Technical Features:

●Deeper pattern groove,can provide wear resistance

●Shoulder Pattern Closure Improves Bias Wear Performance

●Excellent wear resistance rubber, offers longer tire liftime

Wheel Positions



Product Technical Parameters

Tire specificationPlyLoad IndexLoad(kg)Air Pressure(kpa)速度級  別代號測量     輪輞允許使   用輪輞New tire tread depth(mm) Driving surface width(mm)New tire designed size(mm)
Single TireDouble TireSingle TireDouble Tire斷面寬度Outer diameter
12R22.518152/14935503250930930L9.00 8.25182383001085

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