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Awards & Recognition

Glory All The Way

High-tech Enterprises

One of the 35 Key Export Industrial Enterprises In Liaoning Province The Ministry Of Commerce’s Coordination Enterprises

Liaoning Provincial Technology Center, Engineering Practice Education Center

Liaoning Province "Contract-Honoring And Credit-Worthy" Award

The Ministry of Education's Partner of "School-Enterprise Cooperation Outstanding Engineer Training Program"

Liaoning Province Independently Exports Famous Brand Products

Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Award

Top 10 Taxpayers in Chaoyang City

Silver Metal of Liaoning Province Governor's Quality Award, we were the first enterprise to win the Governor's Quality Award among five cities in western Liaoning

Credit Management Class A Enterprise

Advanced Collective of National Petroleum and Chemical Industry

A Class of Enterprises Exporting Industrial Products

China Quality and Integrity Enterprise

The 275/80R22.5 And 315/80R22.5 Truck Radial Tires Independently Developed By Our Company Won The First Prize Of Chaoyang

Science And Technology Progress Award And The Third Prize Of Liaoning Province Science And Technology Progress Award

Advanced Enterprise of Enterprise Quality Management

One of the 2,000 export model enterprises award with the General Administration of Customs

Chaoyang Mayor Quality Award (first session)

"Model Workers' Home" Awarded by the All-China Federation Of Trade Unions

Top 100 Enterprises in Liaoning Province

Top 10 Private Industrial Output Value Enterprises In Chaoyang City

May 1st Labor Award Of Liaoning Province

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