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We focus on the R&D
of all-steel tires

Since the establishment of Chaoyang Long March Tyre Co., Ltd in 2003, our focus has been on the R&D, production and sales of all-steel radial tires. After 19 years of continuous development, Long March Tyre has become a modern enterprise with the following features: an annual production capacity of 4 million units, a complete range of truck and bus tires, a high starting point for OTR production, and an annual sales of nearly $470 million.

Science and technology constitute the primary productive force.

Adhering to the strategy of "improving capabilities, promoting innovation, and seeking development", Long March pays great importance to attract talent and talent training, and has established a high-quality product R&D team. In order to meet the future requirements for national automobiles on high-speed and heavy-duty performances, we have pioneered tubeless heavy-duty tires.

Meanwhile, we have also developed OTR tires to expand the product portfolio.

At present, we owns three brands of LONGMARCH, ROADLUX and SUPERCARGO, covering 59 specifications, 94 patterns and 508 varieties of truck and bus tires and OTR tires, which can meet the needs of different customers across the world. With excellent product quality, we has established a marketing network in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, including China, the United States, Canada, France, Pakistan, and Australia, etc.


All-steel Brands


Pattern Types


Annual Capacity


Countries Available

We implement
strict quality control standards

To Long March, manufacturing high-quality all-steel tires is the key goal. In order to achieve it we have obtained the following certifications to ensuring your peace of mind: the National Military Standard Quality System, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and CCC Certification, US DOT, EU ECE, Brazil INMETRO, Indonesia SNI, Middle East GCC, Nigeria SONCAP, Uruguay LATU and Malaysia SIRIM.

While constantly pursuing more excellent product quality, Long March Tyre has built a modern production and management system. The information management system independently developed by us covers the whole process management of daily office and is associated with production data.


The MES management system that is under construction realizes the digital management and control of the whole life cycle of tires from raw materials to finished products; the tire automatic transportation and intelligent sorting system realizes the automatic sorting and storage of tires after they are produced, which improves work efficiency; the equipment status monitoring system realizes real-time monitoring, prediction and forecasting of equipment status, to achieve precise maintenance of equipment and reduce equipment downtime. The implementation and application of the digital twin of the factory, the digital twin of product development, the digital simulation of production equipment and production process, the AI recognition of X-ray inspection images, and the visualized information platform will greatly help us to improve its management to a much higher level.

At the same time, we actively responded to the national "One Belt, One Road" development strategy and built a joint venture factory in Pakistan, which greatly accelerated the pace of Long March Tyre 's internationalization, revitalization and development.

Innovative Technology
to Ensure User's Peace of Mind


All-new modern design concept

Designed based on modern tire structure theory and computer-aided R&D and made of high-strength skeleton material and high-performance compound rubber.


Strict Requirements on Tyre Performance

High-quality imported natural rubber, and new raw materials with high reinforcement, high wear resistance and low heat build-up are used to extend the service life.


High-quality Raw Materials

Uniformly-distributed ground pressure and low heat build-up rubber empower the tyre with low heat generation, fast heat dissipation and excellent high-speed durability.

Zero-degree  Belt

Four-Layer Belt

aTransition rubber with low heat build-up and fast heat-dissipation

bTread rubber with optimized compound

cFour-layer belt structure with excellent high-speed durability

dBead with high durability

Zero-degree Belt

Zero-degree Belt

a High-strength skeleton material to improve load-bearing capacity

b Optimized design to reinforce bead

c High performance & low heat build-up rubber

d Tread formula & design for comprehensive performance

We advocate for energy efficiency
and environmental protection



Spent for
social responsibilities



Invested for environmental sustainability

No. 23

Ranked 23rd of Top 100 Enterprises in Rubber Industry in China by CRIA

As a responsible tire company, Long March Tyre actively practices its corporate social responsibility and continues to invest in public interest. We have successively invested more than 17 million yuan to assist the government in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization plans, and was awarded the title of "Advanced Collective for Poverty Alleviation in Liaoning Province". The company and its employees have donated more than 1.6 million yuan in cash and materials to Wuhan for the war against COVID. We advocate the concept of sustainable development, actively respond to the national strategy of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", adapt ourself to photovoltaic power, cancel coal-fired boilers and launch other technological transformation projects, and invest more than 30 million yuan in environmental protection management, to create green development power for the company.

Up to now, the "LONGMARCH" trademark has been recognized as "China Famous Brand" in China , and our products awarded as famous brand products in Liaoning Province. Long March Tyre ranks 54th among the top 75 tires in the world. We won the "Liaoning Provincial Governor Quality Award" and were ranked 22nd in the list of the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Liaoning Province. In 2021, it was awarded one of the eight "Liaoning Province Large-scale Backbone Foreign Trade Enterprises", and ranked 23rd in the list of " Top 100 Enterprises of the China Rubber Industrial Association” in the Tire Category.

Looking into the future, guided by the mission of "keep serving target customers with suitable all-steel tyre products and services" and the philosophy of "integrity, partnership, and win-win", Long March Tyre is committed to becoming a globally influential tyre manufacturer and service provider.

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